The purchase of a garbage truck, like any other commercial equipment, is always a balanced and responsible decision. When making a purchase decision, the customer compares commercial offers, carefully studies the technical specifications, calculates the cost of operating the machine for the entire service life. To be completely confident in the quality of the car assembly, it is best to see the production process with your own eyes. That is why we at AKS Machinery are always happy to show you our production. In July, the manufacturer of the AXE garbage equipment was visited by representatives of the regional operator LLC Housing and Public Utilities (Stavropol Territory).
EMI plant in Izmir (Turkey) is a full-cycle enterprise operating on Italian technology. In addition, it is one of the largest manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders in Europe. The model range includes superstructures of all sizes, from subcompact, with a volume of 5 cubic meters, to transport garbage trucks with a volume of 48 cubic meters based on semitrailers. The plant's capacities allow producing up to 800 units of equipment annually!

The company was founded in 1972 as a production of hydraulic cylinders, and by the beginning of the 2000s mastered the production of garbage trucks. Currently, the plant with an area of more than 16,000 m2 employs more than 200 qualified engineers and workers.
The modern assembly line is equipped with laser and plasma cutting units, robotic welding machines, CNC turning equipment. This allows for high production efficiency with consistently high product quality.
Demonstration of the loading mechanism of AXE L-19 ccompactor (19 cubic m volume). The universal tilter is equipped with a comb and trunnions for containers with Euro-capture, thanks to this the garbage truck can work with all types of containers from 120 to 1100 liters in volume. By the way, this particular add-on will be installed on the Mercedes Actros all-wheel drive truck and will go to work in the Far North!
Willing to know more about AXE garbage trucks? We are pleased to invite you to take part in the next official visit and personally verify the high quality and reliability of the product!