Waste sorting equipment
We supply complete solutions for the sorting of municipal solid waste and the allocation of secondary resources in automatic and semi-automatic mode. AXE offers a wide range of solutions for sorting MSW, pre-shredded wood, debris and metal. Thanks to the experience in the use of various separation technologies, we are able to select the technology that best meets the requirements of the client in the characteristics of performance, fractionality and types of material.
Our team has designed and built dozens of factories in Russia and the CIS. We create modern waste sorting and transfer complexes, equipping them with our own equipment as well as with foreign production. By providing solutions for the customer, we always take into account the profitability of this project and the territorial specificity of the region.
Sorted by fractions of garbage goes through a separation stage. This is the key stage in which the recovery of recyclable materials from waste occurs.
AXE supplies chain, belt and reversible conveyors of its own production. They serve to connect the production areas of the sorting complex with each other, as well as for manual sorting of waste by workers.
The remoteness of the landfill from the settlement can significantly complicate life, at times increasing the cost of transporting waste. The solution can be a transfer station, which will reduce the volume of waste transported by almost 7 times, build efficient logistics and significantly reduce the expenditure side.
Pyrolysis which is also called dry distillation is a process of thermal decomposition of combustible organics without (or with a very small amount) of oxygen. In the process of pyrolysis, a mixture of combustible gases is formed, the composition and quantity of which depends on the feedstock, temperature and residence time in the reactor, pressure and heating rate.
Incinerators are used for high-temperature (up to 1250 degrees Celsius) waste incineration with subsequent disposal of the resulting gases. Incinerators incinerate waste and evaporate liquid. This allows you to significantly reduce the amount of waste and disinfect them under high temperatures. The resulting ash residue is inert and can be disposed of without harm to the environment.