AXE Machinery is the official distributor of REMU screening equipment

AXE Machinery has become an official distributor of Remu screening equipment in the Russian Federation. REMU OY is a Finnish machine-building group specializing in the production of screens and screening buckets for various purposes for excavators and loaders. REMU screening equipment is suitable for use in all areas: from mining, composting, waste sorting and reclamation to demining.

Remu OY dates back to the early 1980s, when the founders of the company Esa Ahopelto, Mauri Kuhmonen and Ossi Rissanen designed and launched the production of their first screens. Then it was simple drum trommels. Since the beginning of the 1990s, the company switched to star screen technology, at which time the first screening buckets appeared. Currently, the company has developed into a multinational corporation with factories in Finland and the USA. The REMU line includes not only screening buckets and mobile screens, but also floating excavators and dredgers.
In Russia, we represent the entire range of Remu mobile screens and screening buckets. Buckets can be installed on any front and telescopic loaders, as well as wheeled and tracked excavators using a special plate that provides quick-release.
What is the advantage of star screen technology?
Sifting knives effectively separate material without breaking stones or other solid inclusions. Shot blasting knives push large material through sifting shafts and break them into smaller fractions.

Ideal for:
• Composting
• Separation of materials into fractions
• Grinding the roots, loosening caked or frozen chemicals and fertilizers.
• Crushing of coal, drywall, tile, asphalt and glass.

The size of the sieved material at the exit is approximately 7 mm smaller than the distance between the knives.