TIGER package recovery separates up to 70% of recyclable materials!
AXE Machinery represents a revolutionary solution in the field of waste sorting and landfill reduction! TIGER Depack dehumidifiers will significantly reduce the volume and weight of tailings transported to the landfill due to moisture removal, as well as increase the recoverability of raw materials up to 70%.
The TIGER family is a range of machines for dehumidifying organic waste and / or "tailings" for sorting. TIGER can be used both to reduce the volume and weight of waste by squeezing moisture, and to separate packaging (bottles, cans) of household chemicals, drinks, food, etc.

The principle of operation of TIGER is based on the use of a screw that squeezes moisture out of the waste mass. The "dry" fraction is washed with water, the remaining illiquid pulp comes off separately. The "dry" fraction is also discharged using a screw.

Unloading dry fraction and squeezed moisture ↓
The machine does not take up much space and easily integrates into any line.
Total length - 7400 mm
Hopper loading height - 3300 mm
Plastic discharge height - 3000 mm
Max width- 2500 mm

AXE integrates TIGER dehumidification solutions in the MSW sorting lines. The use of such machines can increase the percentage of recyclable materials, as well as significantly reduce the volume and weight of tailings sent for landfill. A TIGER HS10 dehumidifier (capacity up to 10 tons / hour) is installed on the MSW sorting line in the Moscow Region.

The machine installed after the sorting conveyor and magnetic separator is the final stage of work with the waste stream. Garbage loading is possible both in the automatic mode (from the reverse conveyor), and "manually" by a front loader. For the convenience of the loader, the reversing conveyor is mounted on a rotating support. From TIGER, the dry fraction is discharged into the AVERMANN SP-20 press compactor for pressing into reinforced containers.