AXE Recycling installs a new sorting plant north to Moscow
AXE Recycling builds another waste sorting plant in the Moscow region. This time we are modernizing a large facility in the north of the region: the total capacity of this facility is
almost 300 thousand tons of waste per year.
Now this complex consists of two threads, consisting of several conveyors on platforms and drum screens for the separation of organics. The task set for our R &D team by the customer was to optimize the sorting line and increase the percentage of secondary raw materials.

The first stage of modernization, which we completed on Friday, January, 24, is just about optimizing the operation of the complex. We mounted two feed conveyors, which will greatly facilitate the loading of waste onto the sorting platform. The fact is that before the customer had to load the waste onto the sorting platform using a grab - garbage spilled directly onto the sorting conveyor. This was not very convenient: firstly, because the manipulator's work in the hangar was constrained, and secondly, the waste was fed unevenly to the sorting conveyor. New conveyors will completely solve both of these problems and speed up the work of both lines.
Both new chain conveyors can withstand heavy loads when lifting the mass of waste to a height of more than 5 meters. They are equipped with automatic lubrication system, as well as plastic guides to reduce friction and chain wear. At the request of the customer, the conveyors are made without pits, the MSW will be loaded into the trapezoidal hoppers at the lower ends of the conveyors.

In the future, this MSC will be supplemented by several feeding and reversing conveyors, as well as a TIGER Depack unit and a vibrating screen.