New 8-cubic meters
AXE garbage truck
The AXE range of garbage trucks has replenished with a machine with 8 cubic meters compactor. The model, which received the AXE S-8 index, is perfect for working in cramped urban areas and in the private sector. Like all our garbage trucks, the AXE S-8 is made only from the highest quality steel. The walls of the transport and the floor of the hopper, as well as the pusher plate, are made of 4 mm HARDOX steel. The elements of the feed hopper that are most susceptible to abrasion are made of 8 mm thick HARDOX 500 steel.
The garbage truck can work with compression ratio of 3: 1 to 6: 1. In the design of the machine we use only high-quality components from leading world manufacturers: hydraulic cylinders - Celka, hydraulic pump - Hydrocar, hydraulic valves - Walvoil, electrical components of the Schneider system.
We equip even small garbage trucks with a large loading hopper: this allows you to work confidently with containers up to 1100 liters, and garbage does not scatter in all directions when loaded.
Safety comes first! A rear-view camera is installed in the driver's cab, providing a good overview when maneuvering in narrow yards.
Hydraulic control system is also installed in the cab of the truck.
Want to know more about AXE garbage trucks? We are pleased to invite you to take part in the next official visit and personally verify the high quality and reliability of the product!