AXE Machinery becomes
the exclusive distributor
of MTM garbage trucks
AXE Machinery becomes the exclusive distributor of MTM Ing. garbage compactors. MTM is a premium brand of garbage trucks from Latvia, which main distinguishing features are the highest reliability and performance
STRENX steel (Sweden) is widely used in the construction of MTM compactors. It is lightweight, but at the same time strong and resistant to big loads. The roof and side walls of the transportation bunker are made of solid steel sheets. Places that are especially susceptible to abrasion during operation (plate surfaces & floor) are made of especially durable HARDOX 450 steel. The pressing plate and tailgate floor are made of HARDOX 500 steel 8 mm thick. The garbage truck sealing mechanism is designed in such a way to avoid garbage jam. The hydraulic cylinders of the press plate drive are located outside the tailgate.

The tilter hydraulic cylinders are closed with special covers that reliably protect them from damage during operation or movement of the garbage truck.

MTM designers paid particular attention to equipment layout. Therefore, the compactor is always located as close to the cab as possible, and the weight distribution is ideal both on the domestic and foreign chassis.

Manual assembly ensures quiet operation and reduces wear of moving parts.