Demonstration of Morbark 30/36 drum chiper in Tyumen
On January 15, AXE Machinery held a demonstration of Morbark 30/36 drum chipper for one of the largest timber and wood processing companies in Russia.
The Morbark 30/36 is a versatile and ultra-productive chiper. Thanks to the horizontal loading, the chiper can work both with whole trunks and wood waste. A 577-horsepower CAT engine and a 6-knife chopping drum chop 60 cm diameter logs like pencils.
The material is fed into the shredder using a moving floor: this allows working not only with the assortment, but also with wood waste (brushes, roots, etc.). The main advantage of Morbark 30/36 chip is the most uniform end product with minimal fuel consumption. Morbark engineers managed to combine these qualities through the design of the chopping drum and knives and the use of the Morbark Integrated Control System (MICS).