Live deck shipped to Czech Republic
One of the main results of the year for the AXE Group of Companies is entering the export markets. In 2020, we first produced and installed equipment for a woodworking company from the Czech Republic.

This is a live deck - a complex for supplying the logs to the debarking machine and removing the bark. The deck consists of a chain conveyor that lifts the logs to the level of the machine and a conveyor belt that collects and removes the bark from under the equipment.

The equipment fully complies with European safety and quality standards, which is confirmed by the CE certificate (Conformité Européenne - "European conformity"). This is a document confirming the conformity of products with the requirements of the European Union. The European quality certificate makes it possible to install the CE mark on products, which is a pass for the smooth circulation of products in the markets of the EU member states.

The equipment is already actively operating at the client's work site. And we are very proud of this delivery!