New Hammbreaker shredder supplied to Kamensk-Uralskiy (Sverdlovsk District)
"It's a concrete crusher! - said our today's client, having first seen the offer on Hammbreaker. "We don't need such a machine, we have a MSW landfill." But after the first demonstration, the customer's specialists simply fell in love with this shredder, and today we supplied the Hammbreaker to the enterprise for receiving and neutralizing household waste in Kamensk-Uralskiy.

The demonstration clearly showed that the Hammbreaker is suitable not only for working with concrete: the shredder can handle MSW without any problems (with performance of 30-40 tons per hour).

The second important advantage is complete versatility. The machine is not afraid of concrete, so you don't have to worry about the remnants of concrete falling into the household waste.

In general, do not take our word for it! Call and sign up for a Hammbreaker demo and maybe you'll make a reliable and productive friend too.

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