AXE Machinery fully restores Hammel VB-650 shredder
Last week, AXE Machinery shipped the Hammel VB-650 industrial shredder to our customer in St. Petersburg. Hammel VB-650 is designed to work with all types of waste except C&D. The shredder can easily cope with household and industrial waste, wood, bulky waste, tires and even light scrap.

In addition to high performance, Hammel shredders are known for their high reliability and huge resource. It's hard to believe, but this particular machine was released back in 1998! At the same time, during operation, the shredder maintained its operability and a tolerable technical condition.
Nevertheless, the years take their toll: the machine did not have a magnetic separator, the belt of the main conveyor fell into disrepair, the paintwork was in terrible condition and there were a lot of dents on the body.

With detailed diagnostics, AXE Machinery service specialists identified a number of problems with the hydraulic system and the electrics.

At the same time, the previous owners of the crusher managed to keep the shafts in almost pristine condition. Therefore, they did not require restoration.

← Condition before repair
During the overhaul, we completely updated the car:

• Replaced the old conveyor belt with a new one
• Installed a magnetic separator over the discharge conveyor
• Installed sprinkler dust suppression system above the crushing chamber
• Installed soundproofing
• Conducted a full hydraulic system service
• Completely replaced wiring and repaired electronics
• Carried out body work and completely repainted the car
• Carried out engine maintenance.
Now the fully overhauled machine is successfully operating at the client's enterprise, reducing the volume of bulky waste.