AXE supplies first Arjes Titan to Russia
AXE Machinery supplied the very first Arjes VZ 950 Titan crusher to the Russian Federation. This is a high utility machine designed to work with all types of waste: from munivipal waste to concrete with reinforcement and natural stone.
Titan got its name for a reason - the shredder has a truly titanic performance (up to 350 tons per hour when working with construction waste and concrete). By design and operating principle, the Arjes VZ 950 is a logical development of the Hammbreaker / Impaktor family. Therefore, Titan has all the advantages of a Hammbreaker: the ability to use different types of shafts, a quick-release cassette for quick shaft replacement, as well as the traditional features of all ARJES shredders - asynchronous shaft drive and automatic reverse.
This Titan goes to the Far North, where he will participate in the restoration of land damaged during mining and oil extraction. First of all, the shredder will deal with CMD, steel and concrete - the remains of road slabs, the skeletons of oil rigs and pipelines.
In order to work in the most severe conditions, the shredder is equipped with an Arctic package: engine and hydraulic system pre-heater.