AXE Recycling continues installation of a sorting complex in the north of Moscow Region

AXE Recycling continues installation of a sorting plant in the north of the Moscow region. Our experts installed a Bollegraaf HB S50 baler for secondary raw materials and a chain feed conveyor for it. The main pressure of the press is more than 55 tons: it provides high performance - up to 20 tons per hour and a short cycle time - only 30 seconds. The machine compresses the secondary raw materials into bales and automatically ties them with wire.

A Tiger Depack HS-20 wastewater dehumidification unit was installed and is awaiting connection. Another conveyor line will supply waste into the machine. It will also be built in the nearest future.
In addition, we delivered to the construction site the main feature of this plant - the two-deck Spaleck vibrating screen. Screen system with negative slope relative to the direction of motion does not allow a long, but thin 2D fraction to fall into the cells. This allows you to significantly increase the intensity of screening.

Special fingers on the edge of each sieve stir up the material, preventing it from sticking together. Moreover, the fingers can be rubberized to prevent glass bottles from breaking. The design of the machine allows one to work with municipal and construction waste.

Soon we will show its installation and launch!