Can Hammbreaker break
steel rebar?
Perhaps the most common question from our customers is whether the concrete crusher can handle the steel reinforcement. We always answer: it willcope without the any difficulty!
The versatile Hammbreaker shredder was created by Arjes designers primarily as a crusher for working with C&D and concrete. Therefore, the design of the crushing mechanism and the hydraulic system, the kinematics of the movement of the shafts laid the possibility of chopping steel reinforcement from the very beginning.
The manufacturer guarantees chopping ≤16 mm rebar, however, based on practice, the machine can cope with much more serious fragments of steel.
These are the parts of steel reinforcement cut by Hammbraker while working at our customer's: as you can see, the crusher shafts easily bite through steel much thicker than 16 mm. The machine breaks the fittings with and without fins, and thick metal studs.
How does the crusher manage to bite through steel without breaking the shafts?
The fact is that ARJES shafts are made of Creusabro wear-resistant steel. The uniqueness of this brand lies in the fact that steel is hardened during operation. Such characteristics are achieved due to the uniform dispersion of microcarbides of chromium, molybdenum and titanium carbides.
New grinding elements have hardness of 200BHN, but when in use, their hardness rises to 600BHN. This ability to strain hardening increases the service life of parts made of this steel. In this case, the subsurface layer, which has not undergone strain hardening, retains high ductility and excellent impact resistance.