AXE Machinery fully restores Hammel VB-950 DK shredder
AXE Machinery Service Department has completed a major overhaul of the Hammel VB-950 DK universal shredder. This grand machine was named "Red Giant" for a reason: the shredder weighs more than 44 metric tons, it is one of the largest crushers in the Hummel range.

Despite the operating time of only 3008 hours, the 2010 the machine came to us in a bad state. The discharge conveyor did not work, the belt was completely worn out. The paintwork was in a terrible state, and there were many dents on the body. Many body parts - doors, exhaust system, radiator grilles - required a complete replacement. Diagnostics in our service revealed a number of problems with the electrical and hydraulic system.

The crushing mechanism of the machine was in working condition, though the shafts were worn by almost 75% and required surfacing. This shredder belongs to the DK series - it is mounted on a crawler track. Inspection of the chassis also revealed a number of problems: the years have not spared some links of the tracks. In addition, the track pins required replacement. ↓
During the overhaul, we completely updated the machine:

• Repaired the discharge conveyor
• Installed a completely new conveyor belt
• Carried out body work, installed noise insulation and completely repainted the car
• Completed hydraulic system service
• Completely replaced the wiring and repaired the electronics
• Surfaced the shafts
• Had the engine serviced
• Renovated chassis
• Equipped the car with a new remote control.

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