5 new AXE garbage trucks set to work in Stavropol
Five new AXE garbage trucks have been operating in Stavropol Region since the New Year. Four trucks with an 8 cubic meter compactors on ISUZU chassis and one Iveco 22 cubic m garbage truck were shipped at the very end of 2019 and have already begun collecting garbage in Nevinnomyssk, the industrial capital of Stavropol in the early 2020.
The regional operator of the second zone of the Stavropol Territory purchased AXE garbage trucks as part of the modernization of its fleet and the replacement of old bins with new containers. 22-cubic meter AXE L-22 serves long routes due to the voluminous body and high compression ratio. At the same time, the powerful hydraulics of the machine make it possible to cope not only with municipal waste, but also with bulky waste. In residential areas with narrow driveways, compact garbage trucks AXE S-8 ply.
Representatives of the regional operator have already praised the reliability and high performance of AXE garbage compactors. This is the second batch of cars delivered to Stavropol. In November we supplied seven AXE S-8 garbage trucks on ISUZU chassis.