AT Wastetech 2019
On June 4-6, AXE Machinery took part in the largest industry event - Wastetech 2019. The biennial exhibition-forum traditionally gathered on its site both the largest manufacturers of machinery and equipment in the field of recycling and waste management, and consumers - regional operators for treatment of MSW and their contractors. Most importantly, in 2019, Wastetech took place first time after the start of the "junk reform".
At the exhibition, our company demonstrated equipment for the collection, transportation and recycling of waste: AXE L-22 garbage truck and Arjes HAMMBREAKER industrial shredder.

The heavy-duty garbage truck AXE L-22 is the first garbage truck in Russia under the AXE brand. Garbage truck equipment with 22 cu. m bunker is mounted on the chassis of a three-axle IVECO Trakker. The AXE L-22 combines a large bunker capacity with a relatively compact size to work in cramped urban environments. The superstructure is equipped with a portal loader for work with 8-m containers.


Tailgate capacity - 2,4 cubic meters
Pressing ratio - adjustable from 3: 1 to 6: 1
Bunker floor - HARDOX steel 4 mm
Hopper Roof / Side - ST-52 4mm
Ejector plate - HARDOX steel 4 mm
Tailgate floor - HARDOX 500 8 mm steel
Hydraulic cylinders - Celka (Italy)
Hydraulic Pump - Hydrocar (Italy)
Hydraulic Valves - Walvoil (Italy)

AXE L machines can be equipped with portal loaders for 8 cubic meters containers and manipulator to work with underground containers.

The machine belongs to of AXE L family of heavy-duty garbage trucks with a bunker capacity from 18 to 25 cubic meters. In addition, we produce AXE S (6-8 cubic meters), AX M (10-16 cubic meters) garbage trucks and AXE XL transport garbage carriers on the basis of semi-trailers with bunker capacity up to 48 cubic meters.

The second exhibit, the HAMMBREAKER shredder, is a versatile machine suitable for working with both municipal waste and wood, as well as with more rigid materials, such as construction waste and reinforced concrete. The tracked vehicle combines small dimensions and the highest productivity - up to 100 tons per hour when working with construction waste and concrete.

HAMMBREAKER is lightweight - only 13.4 tons and can be transported on a hooklift.