About us
AXE is a new generation production and commercial company. Excellent understanding of the market, well-established relationship with suppliers, minimal margins and an intelligent approach to planning the activities of the enterprise allows us to offer customers the best prices in the market. We reduce costs by implementation of the latest IT technologies, thereby achieving a reduction in expenditure on the commercial activities of the enterprise.
The main activity of the company is the production and supply of garbage trucks, multi-lifts, containers, crushers and sorting lines.
We work with young European manufacturers. This helps us innovate faster and speed up the production cycle, while maintaining consistent quality. We offer a wide range of necessary equipment for the full cycle of treatment of MSW. We are official dealers of leading manufacturing plants: AXE garbage trucks (Turkey&Italy), Craemer containers (Germany), crushing equipment Arjes (Germany) & Morbark (USA), etc.

In addition, we are engaged in engineering projects, development and integration of grinding solutions into existing production lines. Depending on the orientation and characteristics of the areas, we will improve the project with conveyor systems, sorting lines, magnetic separators and shredders.

Let us know your wishes and we will find a solution that will fit them perfectly. An individual approach to working with a client means to be in constant dialogue. From the planning stage, through product development, to the trade-in service - we are always there, on your side!